Aspen Alkylate Fuel
Better for Man, Machine and Environment

About Aspen

We believe Aspen alkylate fuel is the best fuel available to the North American market when it comes to looking after your health, your machinery and the environment. That's why we have dedicated ourselves to bringing Aspen Fuel all the way from Sweden to our ever expanding network of North American dealers.

Benefits for Human Health

Aspen 2-stroke alkylate fuel and Aspen 4-stroke alkylate fuel are virtually free from harmful substances such as benzene; a substance that can cause serious health problems like certain types of cancer. Ordinary gasoline also contains aromatics and olefins which are identified as harmful to human health. Aspen fuel is very low in aromatics and olefins.

Benefits for Machinery

Not only is Aspen Fuel a cleaner fuel with respect to the amount of hazardous hydrocarbons, it is also cleaner for your machines. Regular fuel contains substances that produce more soot. Aspen Fuel is ethanol free, which means the engines of your machines will last longer and need less maintenance. Aspen is stable compared to other gasoline and can be stored 3-5 years on the shelf without any deterioration in quality. You can leave fuel in the tank over winter and your machine will still start easily in the spring.

Benefits for Environment

There are numerous environmental benefits to using Aspen Fuel. Ordinary gasoline contains olefins which are identified as contributing to ground level ozone formation (smog). This is known to be harmful to the environment. Aspen fuel can help reduce the formation of smog by about 40%. Aspen Alkylate fuel is virtually free from benzene and very low in other harmful substances such as sulfur, olefins and other aromatics, resulting in fewer negative impacts on both nature and the environment. Aspen 2 - two stroke alkylate fuel is premixed with Aspen's high quality synthetic oil which is partially biodegradable and to a high degree is based on renewable content. Aspen Fuel's plastic containers are also recyclable where municipal services are available.

The Story Behind Aspen Alkylate Fuel

Roland Elmӓng founded the Aspen company in 1988 on the shore of lake Aspen, north of Gothenburg in Sweden. He had the idea to produce a better fuel for chainsaws when he read an article in the Swedish newspaper “Skogen” about the problems faced by forest workers exposed to exhaust fumes from chainsaws and brushcutters. He realized there were fuel components that would work much better – both for people and machines. The introduction of alkylate resulted in dramatically improved working environment for the Swedish forestry workers. To begin with, Aspen was only available as a premixed 2-stroke version “Aspen 2T”, but demand for a cleaner fuel for engines which didn’t require a fuel/oil mix meant that Aspen 4T was created. These fuels are now marketed as Aspen 2 and Aspen 4, and over 400 million litres has been sold worldwide.

roland mang
Aspen works in all countries with the same mission: To develop, market and distribute fuels with unique benefits, and which reduce the negative effects for people, machines and the environment. Focusing on all users of smaller engines, they want customers and partners to gain experience in their cooperation. Their method is characterized by care, simplicity, and continual development.

O & J Small Motor Service/Small M Distribution is owned and operated by Jeff & Michelle LaRose. We have been in business for over 30 years in Saskatchewan and have steadily evolved from a local small engine service provider to a wholesale distributor of fuel and retail services. We began bringing Aspen fuel into Canada in 2010 and it has quickly gained in popularity amongst many industries - from forestry to construction and much more. Now many municipalities use Aspen fuel for their emergency equipment like generators and fire-suppression sprayers. We import Aspen Fuel from the manufacturing plant in Sweden and distribute across Canada through an extensive dealer base.

What is alkylate fuel?

The name alkylate comes from the word alkylation, which is the name of the process by which the raw alkylate is produced.

From gas to liquid
Alkylate is a synthetically produced petrol component. The alkylation process takes place at oil refineries. Alkylate is formed from the excess gases produced in the distillation of crude oil and oil cracking. Alkylate is one of the cleanest petroleum products that can be produced. It is composed of up to 10 different components while regular fuel can contain 350 different components. The majority of alkylate produced in the world is used in regular pump fuel because it is free from aromatics and olefins. This helps to bring the fuel within the specifications which are allowed to be sold on the forecourts.

from gas to liquid

Regular gasoline vs. Alkylate fuel

Ordinary gasoline is produced during the crude oil refinement process, in which various fractions are processed in different ways and then combined. Gasoline is therefore not homogeneous, but a mixture of several substances. Ordinary gasoline purchased at gas stations contains around one hundred different substances, all with different impacts on performance, health and the environment. Some components are hazardous and toxic to humans and our environment. Alkylate fuel is produced synthetically from the pure gases that are released when crude oil is refined. The result is a very clean fuel, which consists of around ten of the least harmful substances, and is therefore virtually free from hazardous constituent components such as benzene, aromatic hydrocarbons, sulphur and olefins. Aspen alkylate fuel contains 99% fewer of the most harmful hydrocarbons than regular fuel. Using Aspen fuel reduces the amount of ground-level ozone (smog) by around 40%.


1. Can I use Aspen 2-stroke oil in outboard engines?
Aspen 2-stroke oil is designed to meet the tough requirements of air-cooled high performance engines. Outboard motors that are directly water-cooled are not as demanding on temperature durability. Aspen has an outboard oil that should be used in water-cooled outboard engines.
2. What difference is there between Aspen alkylate fuel and normal fuel?
There is a Swedish standard for alkylate fuel and we require everyone who is marketing alkylate fuel to follow this. Aspen’s own standards are set a little higher than this on many fronts, both concerning pollutants, such as sulphur and benzene and concerning qualities that affect the operation of the engine and its life expectancy. Aspen 2 also contains Aspen 2-stroke oil, which is a fully synthetic two-stroke oil of the highest quality.
3. When should Aspen+ or Aspen R be used?
When competing internationally, Aspen R should be used because it meets the international standards laid down by the FIA, FIM and FIK racing associations. Aspen R often gives a somewhat higher performance than Aspen+.
4. What should I use if my 2-stroke engine has separate lubrication, i.e separate tanks?
Engines requiring separate lubrication should use Aspen 4 if the best environmental qualities are to be attained. If a 98 octane petrol is required then Aspen+ is the environmentally best alternative.
5. What fuel should be chosen for motor bikes, gocarts, snowmobiles etc?
Aspen 2 is recommended for all non-separately lubricated 2-stroke engines, because Aspen 2 has the best environmental qualities. Aspen 4 and Aspen 2-stroke oil is recommended for separately lubricated 2-stroke engines. Larger 2-stroke and high performance engines with a high-octane requirement are recommended to use Aspen+. Aspen R is recommended for both 2-stroke and 4-stroke engines for racing purposes, where maximum performance and good environmental qualities are paramount. Aspen R meets the international requirements set by the FIA, FIM and FIK racing associations.
6. What fuel should be used for outboard engines, Aspen 4 or Aspen+?
Both are excellent choices. Aspen 4 is somewhat better for smaller outboard motors while Aspen+ has a higher octane level and is designed for high performance engines and engines with a need for higher octane levels.
7. How long can Aspen alkylate fuel be stored in fuel cans without quality deterioration?
Aspen alkylate fuel can usually withstand many years in storage without any quality deterioration. Life span does reduce though if you neglect to replace the lid, allow the can to stand in direct sunlight, or if in any other way expose the can to extreme temperatures.
8. Why should I use Aspen R and not ordinary commercial fuels?
Aspen R has better environmental qualities than commercial fuel and can also be stored for longer. The quality of commercial fuel varies, while Aspen R remains constant. It also has a higher-octane level (RON/MON 102/90 against 95/85 or 98/87). Aspen often gives better performance.
9. Can Aspen fuel be mixed with normal fuel?
Yes of course, but quality diminishes more with normal fuel.
10. Can lead substitutes be used in Aspen for vintage engines?
Yes of course, but quality diminishes more with normal fuel.
11. Can dyes be added to Aspen fuel?
Yes, as long as the dyes being added are formulated for fuel. We do not recommend adding any dye that is not formulated for petroleum use (food coloring, cloth dye).


Approximately 3 years ago at a Vehicle Extrication training exercise, I was asked if we had put fresh fuel in our power rescue tool motor. I told the supplier of the tool that I had just topped it up, only to realize that the gas can was filled at the same time the tool was. The fresh gas was not fresh, explaining why the tool was sputtering.

I went to the next Saskatchewan Fire Chiefs Conference with a mission to find a synthetic gas to solve our degraded fuel problem. I found Jeff LaRose at the Aspen Fuel Display. He quickly let me know that Aspen was not a synthetic gas, rather stabilized and had a shelf life in excess of 6 years. When I inquired where I could purchase it from, he asked where I was located and then stopped to think if he had any vendors close to me. I asked if he would consider me as a vendor for Aspen Fuel in my area, as I also own a fire and communication equipment supply company, R-Com Fire/Rescue. He signed me up.

We quickly converted all of our fire department's small motors over to Aspen and have not had any fuel issues since. Our equipment starts quickly and runs properly, no matter how long we leave it sitting. We no longer use anything but Aspen fuel in all of our small engines, including our wildland pumps.

I have also converted a northern resort and a rental company to Aspen fuel for all of their small motors, not to mention many other satisfied Aspen Customers.

Scott Debienne
Fire Chief, Carrot River Fire Rescue
Owner of R-Com Fire/Rescue
Thank you so much Aspen Fuel for helping us out at this race. I was lucky not only to run this at a Supermoto event but also ran it in the trails, Endurocross and Motocross track. Things I noticed was the bike started much faster rate smother, a slight power increase. But noticed a nice constant power delivery. No matter gear/ RPM. At the Endurocross track the throttle response was faster. Which made it nicer for the trials type riding. I didn't need as much of a run up for the big jumps. If I rode like I had normal fuel I would over jump. I also found I had less wheel spin. I like that you can't smell it so its nicer to transport. I'd recommend this for any serious rider.
Cheers Tyler

Tyler Wendlandt
2016 KTM350 xcf
Classes for Statline Supermoto
450cc 5th out of 16 riders
Open GP 4th out of 10 riders
Unlimited cc 9th out of 14 riders
Open PRO 22nd out of 29 riders
I used Aspen Fuel for the first time during a race weekend with my DRZ400SM. When using Aspen Fuel the bike started easily whether the engine was hot or cold and ran smoothly at both idle and full throttle. It also seemed to eliminate the minor popping or backfiring that would occur while using other fuel types. I would recommend Aspen Fuel to others interested in using a cleaner fuel that also has performance benefits.

First and foremost I must say thank you to Aspen Fuels for stepping up and supporting our race team. Fuel is often overlooked but in a racing platform is a critical component to success.

Having the confidence of knowing that you're making every horsepower you can and that your machine will start every time you need it is a big deal. That's exactly what Aspen fuel did. Be it a cold start in the morning or a hot start after a stall, Aspen had my race bike purring quicker than I could get my paws off of the starter. Not only did the bikes start better in the morning but they ran better during the race. Having dealt with fuelling issues in the past due to inconsistent quality at the pump, it was refreshing to have my bike run as it should when I needed it most.

Then there's the stability of the fuel over time. What a relief to come out of winter hibernation to a bike ready to roar. Gone are the days of smokey starts and rough idles. My bike runs as good as the day I put it away. Lastly, the maintenance. My race bike is not treated gently and in previous years my season ending tear down would involve a lot of work with a wire wheel or dremmal, cleaning the built up carbon from my valves. I'm pleased to say after running nothing but Aspen in my lastest bike that upon opening it up, it looked as good as new.

What more could you ask for from a fuel? It's clean burning, power producing, long lasting liquid gold. That's why I continue to choose Aspen fuel to power my race bikes. Thank you.

Tyler Muise
#902 Husqvarna FS450
Used for a Supermoto race and desert exploring.

I got one word for this fuel. Starting fluid! With barely a push of the starter button the engine lights up! Even after a stall. Right away the bike is running again. Super handy in a race to have a big 4-stroke bike fire right back up after a crash or mistake.

Also one of the best features is the smell. There isn't one! Leaving a regular gas can open in the garage or a small spill leaves any enclosed and yourself wreaking to high heaven. Not with this fuel! Honestly you assume any fuel you run is gonna smell, but it's really great feature of this fuel once you realise it doesn't.

Andrew Kramer
2016 ktm 500 exc
10th novice
6th vet 25
11th unlimited
11th intermediate
Just wanted to take this time to let you know what a great product the Apsen Fuel is that we are purchasing from you.

SHADOWHAWK INC. has been selling and servicing Holmatro Rescue Equipment for over 25 years and our biggest problem has been fuel issues due to our customers not keeping fresh fuel in their equipment.

Since we started using the Aspen Fuel products our customers are telling us that it simplifies their maintenance checks due to Aspen Fuel’s long shelf life and that their equipment is easy to start and performance is excellent. They also like the color coded jugs and the nozzles available for the containers.

Thanks again!

Doug Brown